Calvary Christian Fellowship of Tucson Arizona 

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RobertLeader: Robert Boettcher

Meets: Tuesday Night @ 7, 

Meeting in coffee shop


PeterSetting Captives Free Accountability group @6:00 at C.C.F.  We meet in the Student room.  Visit

Leader : Peter Martin & Pastor Beau Ouellette

Pam Richards
Leader:  Pam Richards Click Pam's Picture to read a testimony!  Call Pam 292-9661

CCF Childrens MinistryUvaldoUvaldo Martinez @ 292-9661

Meets:  All regular service times

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Home Fellowships
DennisLeader:  Dennis Peterson

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BeauLeader: Beau Ouellette
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A Reason For Hope!

Manos De Dios


Grief Recovery Ministries


Love Thy Neighbor Minsitries

Running Light Ministries 

Biblical Counseling

Are you in need of Biblical Counseling?

Please email our secretary at to request a appointment with one of our Pastoral Staff. 

Taste and See Coffee & Books Store!

After the service come share a coffee and a pastry while fellowshipping in the goodness of the Lord!

Ministry at C.C.F.

The ministries at CCF have been birthed by individuals who have desired to be used by the Holy Spirit!

The famous American Pastor and writer Warren Wiersbe has defined ministry as God meeting a human need, supernaturally, through human vessels.  That's what we have seen at CCF!

We believe that ministry cannot and should not be manufactured!  What we mean by that is ministry can never be done by a board of Elders insisting a ministry "get going" when God has not first put it on a person's heart to serve in that specific area. That kind of ministry would be a work of the flesh and not the Spirit. God will never bless the flesh!

We believe that ministry is Spirit led and sustained!  Ministry begins when an individual believer is seeking the Lord, through the Word, worship, prayer & fellowship.  Where God guides in ministry he will provide too!

We believe that ministry should be  Word based!  It is God's Word that changes our lives.  "Just simply teach the Word simply"!  The ministries at CCF have God's Word in the forefront, not collecting dust on a shelf.

We believe that God uses the foolish things of the world to uphold the wise in ministry!  You don't need to be famous or have incredible talents to be used by God.  He wants to use everyone who is F.A.T., faithful, available, & teachable!

CCF started in January of 1994 at the Inn Suites Hotel off of Oracle and Orange Grove in Tucson, AZ.  We of little faith were hoping for a few people to show up!  How blown away we were when two services were needed the following Sunday!  We are not a denomination, so the church was not financially supported by a "mother church".  If this was a work of God then He would provide for the needs of His church, and He has.  What a blessing it has been and still is to see God taking care of His sheep, and we get to be a part of the work!

"For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them."  Ephesians 2:10